History ISTAS’13


In 2012, IEEE SSIT had its 40th anniversary and Professor Keith Miller marked the occasion with a dinner address at ISTAS12 in Singapore. IEEE SSIT is undergoing some growth as the relevance of technology and society is again tabled for closer scrutiny by a new breed of engineers, practioners, and academicians in cross-disciplinary fields.

To learn more about SSIT visit http://www.ieeessit.org/ A one page summary of SSIT’s focus can be viewed here.


Visit this web site for a complete picture of ISTAS10! The videos are particularly awesome. The topic was on the social implications of emerging technologies.

Historical ISTASs

ISTAS Year – Location – Theme

  • ISTAS 2012 – Singapore – Technology and Asia
  • ISTAS 2011 – Chicago, IL – Overcoming Social Barriers with Computing
  • ISTAS 2010 New South Wales – Emerging Technologies
  • ISTAS 2009 Phoenix – Sustainable Development
  • ISTAS 2008 – Fredericton – Citizens, Groups, Communities
  • ISTAS 2007 – Las Vegas – Risk, Vulnerability, Uncertainty
  • ISTAS 2006 – New York – Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • ISTAS 2005 – Los Angeles – Weapons and Wires: Prevention and Safety in a Time of Fear
  • ISTAS 2004 – Worcester – Globalizing Technical Education
  • ISTAS 2003 – Amsterdam – Crime Prevention and Security
  • ISTAS 2002 – Raleigh – Social Implications of Information and Communication Technology
  • ISTAS 2001 – Stamford – Ethical and Social Issues
  • ISTAS 2000 – Rome – University as a Bridge from Technology and Society Issues
  • ISTAS 1999 – New Brunswick – Women and Technology: Historical, Societial and Professional Perspectives
  • ISTAS 1998 – South Bend – Wiring the World
  • ISTAS 1997 – Glasgow – Technology and Society at a Time of Sweeping Change
  • ISTAS 1996 – Princeton – Technical Expertise and Public Decisions
  • ISTAS 1993 – Washington – Technology: Whose Costs?
  • ISTAS 1991 – Toronto – Preparing for a Sustainable Society
  • ISTAS 1989 – Los Angeles – A Delicate Balance: Technics, Culture and Consequence

Learn more about IEEE SSIT

More recently IEEE SSIT was invited to contribute to the centennial anniversary issue of Proceedings of the IEEE. The full paper can be found here and describes research that SSIT has addressed over the last 40 years. A historical note on IEEE SSIT has also been written by Professor Karl D. Stephan for the 25th anniversary issue of IEEE T&S Magazine which can be read here. T&S Magazine publishes a selection of papers in a special issue stemming from the ISTAS sister conference.