Photo Contest & Art Exhibition

A photography exhibit on the theme of veillance will coincide with IEEE ISTAS 2013.

To participate simply submit one or more photographs of surveillance domes (the “globes” of wine-dark opacity used to conceal surveillance cameras),  with the keyword “SMARTWORLDS 2013 photography contest”, under one of the following licenses:

  • {{self|GFDL|cc-by-sa-all}}: “Copyleft (Multi-license GFDL, all CC-BY-SA)”
  • {{PD-self}}: “All rights released (Public domain or waiver if the PD release is invalidated)”

(i.e. the same licenses preferred by Wikimedia Commons).

Selected works will be featured on the “No Cameras Allowed!” exhibit at Deconism Gallery, May01-June30, and as part of IEEE ISTAS 2013.

Alternatively, you can propose an alternate work or exhibit. All submissions must address the theme of veillance (i.e. surveillance AND sousveillance), not just surveillance. Photographs of surveillance cameras do address the theme, as this is, by definition, a form of sousveillance.  Works on the theme of Wearable Computing and Augmediated Realitywill also be considered for exhibit and presentation.

Please note in addition to uploading your creative work to we would like you to upload the TITLE and a BRIEF DESCRIPTION of your creative work to the paper submission system for formal acknowledgement in the proceedings of the conference. Please visit: and follow the process through ensuring you toggle “Creative Design” for the submission of your artwork.